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Jackson Prime, despite his youthfulness, was a revelation on the pitchers mat this afternoon for Northcote as they took on Eden-Roskill at the annual Vic Guth softball tournament held at Fowlds Park, Mt Albert, Auckland. Northcote player-coach Brad Rona opted to start Prime and he began chucking down pitches with a hiss and a roar. Ably supported by the Northcote infield and outfield, Prime accounted for some experienced batters in the Eden-Roskill line-up. However, mid-way through the time game, Primes' pitching began to fade as the Eden Roskill batters staged a fight back with some spirited at bats that put players on base and in scoring positions. The experienced Rona, seeing the lack of experience in pressure situations went to his bench and pulled Prime from the game. For a relatively short pitcher he was able to generate some pace at knee level and showed more than enough capability in throwing a useful though limited array of pitches. Because of his height, he may not mature into an out-right pitcher, but if he does grow, Jackson Prime will certainly be a name to watch out for in the future.

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