Fun with Photoshop I guess is the best description for these...
  1. Ants, a bit of clone and grunge.
  2. Tree on the side of nowhere
  3. Thornton, what more can you say
  4. Toy town, Whakatane, towards the heads
  5. A self take
  6. School gate at a very small place called Waitangi, but it's between Te Puke and Tauranga. 
I enjoyed tweaking it. 
  7. Whakatane info centre made miniature
  8. Bombing just out the south side of Tauranga. 
All changed last time I went past, must take an update!
  9. Seed pods from the garden in a gold bowl
  10. Goosey goosey gander. 
He's my mate, I see him most mornings as I walk along the riverbank.
  11. Tui tui in the macrocarpa tree across the road. 
I swear his cry sounds like 'would you like chips with that'
  12. Heron madness!
  13. Ohope Beach & heron
  14. Fanny fantail on the way to work
  15. A red rose stolen from the rose gardens down the road
  16. A faded sign on the side of a long forgotten shop in Te Teko
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