Garden photos

Photos in our small garden, we have been in this house for over 25 years now and have enjoyed developing making it ours.
Most photos taken with the home camera, a Canon G5 with it's wonderful fold out screen.
  1. Buttercups this afternoon before I mowed the lawn.
  2. Mutabilis rose, starts off delicate peach and darkens as it ages. Not bad for a windy day photo, I just noticed good examples of the colours close...
  3. Frost on the ginko leaves
  4. Iris
  5. Little toms, we had a great many last year
  6. Wonderful white lillies
  7. Fantail  in the rose bush
  8. clivia chaos
  9. Tiny flowers on the lace bark tree
  10. Nigellas
  11. A dark HDR blend of a helibore flower
  12. Beautiful white pieris flowers
  13. Potato boy, a rogue seed potato. 
Love him.
  14. Alien creatures in the leaf litter
  15. Love that lichen! 
  16. lichens on a lilly pilly tree
  17. Lichens gathered off the titoki tree, my daughter dyes wool with them
  18. Up shot of anenome flowers, the G5 is great for that.
  19. Some amazing blue beans we grew last year, 'wonder of Venice' the pods were long and yellow. Nice to eat as well. 
  20. Pretty flower of the aubergine plant.
  21. spotted these bits of a Korean tree we have and saw them as bones, added some grunge brushes for texture on the concrete background.
  22. The heart shaped leaves of the forest pansy bush in their Autumn decay.
  23. Drying hydrangea flowers, I like the way they change colour and get spots and things all over them.
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