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  1. Hi Rosaleen, I've been in Dubai 4.5 years now, since 2006. I moved from the bottom of the south island in NZ (Invercargill) to here, so was quite a difference, especially the climate! I just wwokr at the aluminium smelter here, Dubal. Dubai is far from perfect, but not a bad place to be. So many cultures than what I used to in plain vanilla NZ. How did your daughter find the place?
  2. Hi, How long have u been in Dubai? I had a great time when visiting hmm about 2/3 yrs ago. The Burj was still 2/3 finished. My daughter and family lived there till last year July. Now in the UK. She goes back regularly. I have heaps of photos but still has to be processed in the digital dark room!! :-(
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