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    Hi All

    I know this is the age old question, "How much should I charge", but I would be really interested to get your views on my pricing structure.

    I have recently been asked to take images at an event that runs over two days, from midday to about 8pm. It is an indoor event, and will probably be pretty full on.

    I am looking at charging $30 per hour for my services (I am not a professional as such, but trying to break into that area), and charging per image. I know that I take the risk if nobody purchases any images, which is unlikely, I hope. I will give the organisers the option to take 10-15 images as part of the services cost, and reserve the right to sell to anybody through my website.

    Does this sound fair, or can anybody see any fish hooks that I have missed.

    Any suggestions gratefully received.



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    Have you included processing time in that $30 an hour?
    $30 an hour seems pretty cheap for a professional these days.
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    Need more info.

    If you have been 'hired to shoot event and supply images (usually processed and finished), I'd be more inclined to charge a flat fee.

    At your $30 an hour, that comes out to $480, I'd be looking to double that at least! Keep in mind though, this price is to deliver images to the event organiser (or whoever hired you) with no individual sales (usually cleaner and easier that way), they can then on sell images.

    If you are shooting the event and then making sales to both organisers and individuals after the fact, a flat fee and supply a price per image ahead of time (but this means a lot more work for you and no guaranteed sales).
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