Bad News...

1. Just 7 days after forking out for windows 7, my sony laptop has packed up. Lots of BSOD, screen artifacts etc. After much ranting and soul searching, I accepted that the MOBO has gone (again). I forked out $800 to get it replaced about a year ago (3 month warranty )

2. I am now significantly poorer

Now the good news...

I have a nice shiny new laptop with i7 processor, 1TB HD, 4GB Ram, 17.3 1600x900 screen

I managed to get a docking station with it (google HP xb4 for the curious)

Its got some wicked speakers, a hard drive dock and lots of goodies

Oh, and I persuaded myself to get the 3 year warranty for $249

Everyone needs to post bigger pictures, as 800x600 suddenly looks small