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    Default Lily Cup Diffuser

    A few minutes with an able assistant....

    ...turned out one of these:

    Here's how it looks like with the flash firing:

    First test shot with no diffuser as the the control:

    2nd test shot:

    As you can see, the lighting is softer and even.

    Next shot combined with ceiling bounce (lid off):

    Last shot with normal ceiling bounce with no diffuser:

    My conclusion is that the normal ceiling bounce gave the most pleasing result in this situation, as it directed all the shadows downwards.
    However, the Lily Cup diffuser looks promising for situations where bouncing off walls/ceilings is not possible. The lid off option may be a good option for portrait shots too.

    Thoughts? Comments?
    Lighten up!
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    Looks good and I like the DIY part of this... especially this easy.

    I like the second shot (lid on) tone, but shadow is better on last one as you mentioned.
    What if you warp while the way with white paper or no tin foil inside? I'm not sure and no way near the experienced, but is it makes light source larger/softer?

    Maybe the distance to the subject is also the factor...

    I see the potential. Thanks for sharing.

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    Hi, does your flash have a pull out reflector panel? Would be intresting to see this vs the diffuser and bounce.
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    Cup with lid off would seem to emulate this setup really. The advantages of which are that it lies flat for storage or your bag.

    I think some portraits under the same conditions would be more interesting than the geetar, it has some reflections where portraits wouldn't.
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    i think the difference between the last 2 would be more noticable if there were more distance between subject and background.

    cool though.. same as a bounce card... just bigger then the standard pop-up one

    (the portrait of your daughter at the top shows it nicely though)

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