The deadline for the Cathay Pacific Travel Media Awards is almost upon us - do we have any Travcom members in the forum?

If you're planning on entering here is some points of clarification for some of the more common questions the organiser gets about the competition.

"One of the things I get a lot of queries about is the rule that entries must have been published within the 2011 year. If the story or image you wish to enter was published in a 'summer edition' then it can be confusing which year it's eligible in. o If the magazine is dated December 2011 then it's clearly eligible for this year's awards - as it has been published between 1/1/11 and 31/12/11.
o If the magazine is dated January 2012 then it is not eligible for this year's awards - even if it has actually been published between 1/1/11 and 31/12/11 and hit the newsstands in December 2011
o If the magazine is dated Summer 11/12, then it's eligible for this year's awards.

Another query I’m seeing a lot this year is what constitutes a ‘third party travel editorial website’. If you wish to enter a story or image that was published online please send me the information via email first so that the website can be pre-approved by the Travcom awards sub-committee. As this is the first year the awards have been open to online publishing each entry will be checked and the entrant needs to have been paid for their work whether it appeared in a newspaper, magazine or online. I will still need to see 2 x hard copies for writing awards and 1 x proof of publication for both writing and photography awards. Proof of publication should include the name of the publication and date the story or image appeared. If that information is not clearly shown on the travel story pages you wish to submit please include the contents page, or publication cover highlighting the date and publication name (with your name as the writer or photographer clearly shown too)."
Anyone entered, or panning to, this year?