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Thread: Molasses the forum is sow today

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    Default Molasses the forum is sow today

    Really slow, other sites are okay just D-Photo
    I Just Have Cameras and Stuff
    I don't have an Artistic Eye - I have a Technical Bent & a love of Gadgets
    Give an Artist a box of different sized colour blocks and he will create an art work; give me the same box and I will sort it by colour and then size :)

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    Thanks - we're onto it already. We had 50+ error messages today and we're not sure what the problem is. Our programmers are doing technical stuff to try to resolve it and hopefully it'll be back to normal soon. A Mysql restart had no effect, so we've turned logging on 5 minutes ago. A day of logs should be enough for us to find out what's going on, so we'll be able to address it on Monday.

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