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Thread: 'A Rose in the Desert' disappears

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    Default 'A Rose in the Desert' disappears

    A very interesting article about the a Vogue story on Asma al-Assad being 'scrubbed' from the net with a twist:
    Although the Vogue piece didnít mention it, the photos that accompanied the article ó of Asma al-Assad, her husband and two of their children at home in Damascus ó were facilitated by an American public-relations firm working for the Syrian government. The firm, Brown Lloyd James, was paid $25,000 to set up a photo session with James Nachtwey, the famed war photographer who shot the pictures for Vogue.

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    Hehehe. Funny how they did some family shots with her 'kids', but they were supposedbly ring-ins due to 'security concerns'.
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