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Thread: Wellington Night Photography Timelapse

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    Default Wellington Night Photography Timelapse


    I recently completed a project for Victoria University Design school called The Clip where the use of stop motion was a requirement of a 30-40 second video.

    The Clip

    I plan to do this again keeping based in Wellington but expanding on locations and time to complete the project.

    If anyone have any comments, suggestions or, constructive criticism towards the clip, they would be greatly appreciated


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    Nice. The transitions seem a abrupt though, or maybe because the clip is relatively short, it feels abit too fast(?).
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    There are some nice shots there. It's a pity the video isn't in higher res because there are a lot of compression artefacts in the video. The boats jiggling about is my favourite (both night and day shots)

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    Yes, the video was 2-3mb however the full thing was 3gb or so. More for practicality than anything else. Comments have been taken on board! Thanks mesodan and Admin.

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    I've been doing timelapse lately and have found that 1 fps makes for a smooth video .

    I made a rotating mount for my gopro camera , I found that for a moving camera one frame every 10 seconds was too jerky ....

    It was much smoother at 1 fps ....

    It's perhaps the latest 'gimmick' but a moving camera does add something to timelpase I think .

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