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  1. I thought you mike like this thread, Paul.

    Started by Ben, 20-02-2011 08:40 PM
    article, big, cameras, century, debate, drama, film, full, hellophoto, hey, late, live, long, meet, mike, pro, put, release, return, show, stick, sun, sunny, thread, wee
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    Last Post: 20-02-2011 08:40 PM
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  2. Pricing for services

    Started by Dad232, 05-09-2016 02:22 PM
    area, bee, break, charging, days, event, fair, fish, full, hooks, hour, images, interested, option, part, pretty, pricing, professional, question, reserve, sell, sound, suggestions, views, website
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    Last Post: 08-09-2016 05:49 PM
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  3. First game with my D500

    Started by Russ, 30-06-2016 01:02 PM
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    Last Post: 30-06-2016 10:35 PM
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    Last Post: 25-05-2016 06:06 PM
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    Art room

  4. Some recover done but not a lot

    Started by Arthur, 19-03-2014 01:03 AM
    australia, content, crossing, data, don, drama, edition, face, family, free, full, fun, group, hey, life, long, national, posting, release, review, sale, school, september, sunday, water
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    Last Post: 19-03-2014 08:36 AM
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  5. Aulani, Hawaii

    Started by Derwood, 24-12-2015 04:42 PM
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    Last Post: 25-12-2015 01:33 PM
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  6. Nikon D4s

    Started by GCBermejo, 04-03-2016 08:35 PM
    200, bag, ball, body, camera, crop, days, end, fit, frame, full, home, lens, lighting, memory, men, mixed, money, needed, newest, niko, nikon, photography, school, user
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    Last Post: 04-03-2016 08:35 PM
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    Gear talk

  7. Yongnuo YN622- TX Controller

    Started by Peter Andrews, 09-04-2015 04:28 PM
    amazing, buy, camera, city, country, drama, experience, flash, full, good, group, house, international, life, light, means, movie, question, range, roller, sky, things, wee, work, yongnuo
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    Last Post: 09-04-2015 04:28 PM
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    Gear talk

  8. Some new lenses...

    Started by SticII, 27-03-2015 07:02 PM
    100, bee, color, david, digital, diii, dpreview, fish, full, google, hey, lens, lenses, part, pic, picture, selling, shot, tamron, thinking, told, web, work, worth, www
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    Last Post: 27-03-2015 07:02 PM
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    News Desk

  9. Canon 7D Mark 2 finally relesed

    Started by Peter Andrews, 16-09-2014 10:37 AM
    camera, canon, canon 7d, effect, eos, facebook, finally, find, frame, friday, full, high, info, interested, link, mail, mark, miss, review, sale, shots, test, week, wife, www
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    Last Post: 16-09-2014 10:43 AM
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    News Desk

  10. A Trip To Copenhagen & Stockholm - Part II

    Started by mesodan, 15-12-2015 04:33 PM
    allowed, amazing, bee, black, exhibition, fish, found, full, guide, hellophoto, hey, high, kids, night, part, photo, photography, rip, selling, shot, show, trip, white, work, www
    • Replies: 1
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    Last Post: 15-12-2015 04:35 PM
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  11. Learn the art of COMPOSITION - new eBook!

    Started by Ledge, 18-11-2015 10:36 AM
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    Last Post: 18-11-2015 10:36 AM
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  12. A Trip To Turkmenistan - Part I

    Started by mesodan, 04-11-2015 04:14 AM
    ancient, black, city, content, delete, full, good, group, hell, hey, high, long, national, new zealand, part, pictures, rip, sea, selling, trip, upload, wanted, wee, white, zone
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    Last Post: 04-11-2015 04:17 AM
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  13. Glidecams

    Started by Peter Andrews, 29-10-2012 07:29 PM
    amazing, beach, boat, careful, download, experience, full, group, hey, king, latest, laws, live, long, money, night, railway, shoots, site, sydney, thinking, time, version, video, worth
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    Last Post: 29-10-2012 07:29 PM
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  14. A Trip To Laos, Vietnam & Hong Kong - Part II

    Started by mesodan, 07-09-2015 04:38 PM
    afternoon, asia, beach, black, east, fish, found, full, groups, guide, hellophoto, hey, hong, kong, light, made, night, part, photo, rip, show, south, time, trip, www
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 1,545
    Last Post: 11-09-2015 09:58 PM
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  15. A Long Weekend In Prague

    Started by mesodan, 05-08-2015 09:33 PM
    1000, amazing, bach, bee, building, enjoying, evo, fire, full, guide, hey, house, long, making, performance, photo, rip, river, small, summer, taking, town, trip, weekend, white
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 1,645
    Last Post: 07-08-2015 01:27 AM
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  16. The pistol project.

    Started by Desmond, 01-11-2013 06:35 PM
    albums, basic, center, coming, flames, full, good, jpg, long, photo, png, post, progress, project, screen, set, shots, smoke, system, time, today, uploaded, user, video, winter
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    Last Post: 03-11-2013 12:51 PM
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  17. Photography Tour

    Started by niroshaganesan, 19-09-2013 10:08 PM
    apply, ball, big, blue, buy, case, content, full, funky, good, graphics, great, guys, hey, message, pass, photography, shore, south, tent, thing, tour, tours, tree, wanted
    • Replies: 2
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    Last Post: 01-03-2014 10:29 PM
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  18. Sticky Thread Sticky: Inserting a Flickr slideshow or video

    Started by Ashley Daws, 22-05-2009 08:24 PM
    buy, card, david, eye, family, flickr, full, green, high, inserting, jpg, mouse, net, page, pas, paste, pic, picture, pictures, play, post, simple, software, time, video
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 2,052
    Last Post: 22-05-2009 08:24 PM
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  19. Tell me why I shouldnt

    Started by Arthur, 16-06-2015 06:50 PM
    50mm, 60d, back, bit, body, buy, canon, diii, extra, fair, fast, focus, frame, fruit, full, lenses, mkii, moving, nice, run, shutter, speed, splash, sports, wee
    • Replies: 10
    • Views: 1,934
    Last Post: 25-06-2015 04:43 PM
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  20. someone has been trying to log into my account

    Started by Bronny, 07-03-2015 10:49 PM
    602, attempting, bee, call, case, change, china, chinese, d-photo, email, evil, failed, forum, full, hellophoto, high, incorrect, mad, minutes, password, peninsula, photography, reverse, shows, west
    • Replies: 5
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    Last Post: 09-03-2015 08:41 PM
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  21. Suspect the forum might be about to Bork again

    Started by Arthur, 24-11-2013 10:38 PM
    1st, attempt, black, choose, content, copyright, count, couple, dphoto, failure, forum, full, good, happened, house, key, posting, problems, promoting, server, thing, time, video, work, yesterday
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,094
    Last Post: 24-11-2013 10:45 PM
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  22. eyefi for canon 7d

    Started by Dad232, 20-05-2015 01:43 AM
    answer, bee, canon, canon 7d, card, drama, experience, eyefi, free, full, house, live, long, make, press, question, show, site, system, taking, test, time, video, website, wondered
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 480
    Last Post: 21-05-2015 09:34 AM
    by Peter Andrews  Go to last post
  23. Twelve Days Across Africa - Part I

    Started by mesodan, 16-04-2015 03:53 PM
    africa, african, border, crossing, days, elephant, enjoying, full, good, group, guide, illegal, kids, making, minutes, part, port, rip, rock, roll, stroll, trip, visiting, west, west africa
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 1,224
    Last Post: 17-04-2015 02:00 AM
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  24. A Whole new set of learning to do

    Started by Arthur, 12-04-2015 03:04 PM
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 2,601
    Last Post: 12-04-2015 11:35 PM
    by Arthur  Go to last post
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